Born: April 25th, 2008

Father: Erik 351

Mother : Neanke R.V

I bough him at the age of 5 months in 2008. He was the most structure foal of the group. I was blown away with his independence and charm. Of course I wanted to take him home right away but he was still too young. The 18th of September I showed him at the keuring of Kempterville, where he obtained 1st prime. This can only obtained by 5% of the friesian breed. I can say that I was very happy and excited to hear such good news.

Brutus is the modern type, right now at the age of only 2 years old he is 16.1 hands. I am hoping that by the time he reaches adulthood he will grow to be 16.3 hands. He is very affectionate, elegant and obedient to his master. He also is easily manipulated and very well balanced.

Brutus will return at the age of 3 years old for an evaluation in Ontario. I will further his physical and mental state for his evaluation because I would love for him to be invited to pass the test to become a stallion approved by FPS/FHANA. Although with his talent he will do great in dressage.